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F.A.Q  Villa Lala Hotel Boutique

About hotel

Where is Villa Lala?

Villa Lala is located on Puerto Vallarta’s southern coast, next to Boca de Tomatlán, a 55-minute drive from Puerto Vallarta International Airport. Address: Carretera Barra de Navidad Km. 16 No. 5696 Puerto Vallarta

How to get to Villa Lala?

From Puerto Vallarta’s PVR International Airport, a 55-minute drive will get you to Villa Lala. You can use a taxi, UBER, DIDI, or authorized airport transportation. Look for the main entrance with a green gate. 

Is Villa Lala near to the Puerto Vallarta PVR Airport?

Yes, Villa Lala is approximately 27 km (55 minutes drive) from the airport. Inform your taxi or ride-share driver you’re heading to Boca de Tomatlán.

Can Villa Lala pick me up at the airport?

We offer an airport pick-up service. Please provide your flight details and arrival time in advance. An extra charge may apply.

Is Villa Lala an all-inclusive hotel?

No, Villa Lala is a boutique hotel with 12 suites, focused on providing high-quality services for a limited number of guests

Are children allowed at Villa Lala?

Villa Lala is an adults-only hotel, prioritizing the tranquility and privacy of our adult guests.


Is Villa Lala a swinger or nudist hotel?

No, our hotel is neither. We focus on providing privacy and relaxation in a non-nudist setting.


Is Villa Lala a pet-friendly hotel?

No, our hotel does not have the facilities to receive pets, We have a lot of wildlife inside the villa, and would be dangerous for both species.

Are service dogs allowed?

No, our premises are not suitable for service animals, considering our wildlife and safety concerns.

Is Villa Lala a beachfront hotel?

Not exactly, but we offer a private sandy terrace and saltwater pool with sea access and private dock facilities.

Does Villa Lala have a private dock?

Yes, Villa Lala is accessible by sea, allowing guests to arrive by boat.

Does Villa Lala have a restaurant?

Yes, we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for guests, with advance booking required for lunch and dinner.

Is breakfast included?

Yes, breakfast is included with every night’s stay.

Can I organize my wedding at Villa Lala?

Our focus is on providing unforgettable experiences for couples, honeymooners, and anniversary celebrations, thus we do not host weddings.

Does Villa Lala offer group reservations?

For small groups, please contact our concierge with your details.

Can Villa Lala accommodate guests with disabilities?

Due to our mountainous location and layout, our facilities are not wheelchair accessible.

Can Villa Lala organize a romantic dinner?

Absolutely! Choose your preferred location within Villa Lala, and we’ll handle the details. Additional costs apply. Ask your concierge some locations need to be reserved 10 days in advance

Can I organize my proposal at Villa Lala?

Yes, we specialize in arranging personalized proposal setups. Additional costs apply.

Does Villa Lala have romantic activities for couples?

Yes, we offer a range of romantic activities, including massages, tours, and yoga sessions.

Is Villa Lala gay-friendly?

Yes, we welcome all couples with open arms.

How can I make a reservation?

Book directly on our website, via WhatsApp at +52 (322) 245 1950, or by contacting us through our provided numbers or email.

Can I make my reservation by phone?

Yes, simply call us at the provided numbers to book your stay.

How do I confirm my reservation?

We’ll send a confirmation email detailing your reservation.

Can I do an early check-in or late checkout?

Early check-in and late checkout are subject to availability. You’re welcome to use our facilities while you wait.

Can my reservation be invoiced?

Yes, please request an invoice at the time of booking.